6*4 Auman Ruijiang Mixer Truck 8-12m³

6*4 Auman Ruijiang Mixer Truck 8-12m³
6*4 Auman Ruijiang Mixer Truck 8-12m³
  • Chassis: Auman
  • Top Weight: 31000
  • Overall Dimen: 10300,10900x2500x3900
  • Content: Concrete, Cement
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Product Description

CIMC Ruijiang brand series concrete mixer trucks are developed by our company to meet the needs of the current building materials industry. They have absorbed the advantages of similar models at home and abroad, and are manufactured with advanced technology and strict production processes. The product structure is reasonable, the performance is reliable, the appearance is beautiful, and the operation is simple. It can be widely used in transportation, construction, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, mining and other industrial sectors.

CIMC Ruijiang's series of concrete mixer trucks cover a wide range of products in the mixing industry. The chassis mainly adopts special chassis for concrete mixer trucks such as Hongyan, Nanjing Xugong, Auman, Shaanxi Automobile, China National Heavy Duty Truck, C&C Trucks, Dongfeng Hercules, Jiefang, JAC Gelfa, and Hino, GAC Hino, Mitsubishi, Isuzu and other concrete mixers. The whole vehicle is of high quality, superior performance, reliable operation, and strong power. It is used for supporting various mixing stations and transporting ready-mixed concrete that meets the requirements of homogeneity. It can also be used for shrinkage mixing and vehicle mixing. It is the mixing station for transporting commercial concrete. Ideal equipment.


Equipped with Fukang's newly developed 11L engineering engine

Engine failure rate is low, fuel saving is more, braking is safer, and climbing is more vigorous. 2000bar ultra-high pressure injection technology, the fuel atomization is better, the combustion is more complete, and the fuel saving effect is fully achieved. Exhaust braking, braking time and braking distance are greatly shortened, and the safety is high. The torque reaches 1800 N·m, which is larger than the competing product's 1400 N·m, and the start and climb are more vigorous.

Advanced Technology

Equipped with 360° panoramic image, new airbag seat

There are no dead corners when turning and reversing, and the driving experience is more comfortable. The rearview mirror has functions such as electric adjustment and electric heating. The seat damping, speed drop, seat depth adjustment function mechanical lumbar support is upgraded to an air lumbar support to reduce driving fatigue. The cab is two-stage sealed.

New Look

New European style, style atmosphere

The overall shape is mighty and powerful, and the detail lines are softer and the width is 2490mm. The upper and lower cab are designed with different colors, and the shape is magnificent. It can withstand frontal, side collisions, and top pressure, and prevent high-intensity collisions from front drilling rigs.

Rich Configuration

Matching well-known gearboxes, equipped with the strongest load-bearing frame

Auman matches the standard synchronizers of the world's leading ZF and Fast brands, which have higher safety and lower fuel consumption. The longitudinal beam is 320mm in height, the highest in the industry, and the outer width of the frame is 65mm. It has strong bending resistance and avoids the frame from breaking.


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