SINOTRUK - Concrete mixer tank8-12m³

SINOTRUK - Concrete mixer tank8-12m³
SINOTRUK - Concrete mixer tank8-12m³
  • Chassis: Sinotruk
  • Top Weight: 13600
  • Overall Dimen: 10450X2550X3990
  • Content: Concrete, Cement
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Product description

Sinotruk is currently the largest heavy-duty truck manufacturing and export base, and its products have covered heavy trucks, medium-duty trucks, light trucks, buses and special vehicles. In 1960, China's first heavy-duty truck, model JN150, was manufactured. It has the only national heavy-duty vehicle engineering technology research center and the national heavy-duty vehicle quality supervision and inspection center in China. The scale of production and sales is 300,000 heavy trucks and 200,000 light trucks. Inheriting the accumulation of classic HOWO mixer trucks, absorbing the advanced technology of MAN, and taking a brand new attitude, it has taken the lead in the market share for 15 consecutive years, and has created a classic legend in the field of Chinese construction trucks!

Safe and reliable

It has four-point suspension, airbag seats, and a large sleeper. Operation is efficient, can be licensed in compliance with regulations, and can maximize user benefits. Comfortable operation, can effectively reduce fatigue, reduce accidents, and low fuel consumption.


The safety observation window on the right side and the adaptability of the top are improved. Long-life coarse filter, electronically controlled silicon oil fan, urea heating, 8-key multi-function steering wheel. On the basis of the standard four-directional image, the industry's unique right side observation window is added to provide direct vision, and the accident rate is reduced by 80%.


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