Kaiwo electric mixer truck 8-12m³

Kaiwo electric mixer truck 8-12m³
Kaiwo electric mixer truck 8-12m³
  • Chassis: Kaiwo
  • Top Weight: 31000KG
  • Overall Dimen: 10200x2550x3990mm
  • Content: Concrete, Cement
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The CIMC Ruijiang brand series concrete mixer trucks are developed by our company to meet the needs of the current building materials industry. They have absorbed the advantages of similar models at home and abroad, and are manufactured using advanced technology and strict production processes. The product structure is reasonable, the performance is reliable, the appearance is beautiful, and the operation is simple. It can be widely used in transportation, construction, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, mining and other industrial sectors.

CIMC Ruijiang's series of concrete mixer trucks cover a wide range of products in the mixing industry. The chassis mainly adopts special chassis for concrete mixer trucks such as Hongyan, Nanjing Xugong, Auman, Shaanxi Automobile, China National Heavy Duty Truck, C&C Trucks, Dongfeng Hercules, Jiefang, JAC Gelfa, and Hino, GAC Hino, Mitsubishi, Isuzu and other concrete mixers. The whole vehicle is of high quality, superior performance, reliable operation, and strong power. It is used for supporting various mixing plants and transporting ready-mixed concrete that meets the requirements of homogeneity. It can also be used for shrinkage mixing and truck mixing. It is the mixing station for transporting commercial concrete Ideal equipment.

Advantage Introduction

Power and environmental protection: The chassis and top are all driven by pure electric, dual-electric dual-drive, zero emission, no pollution, and low noise. Product compliance: In the matching design of the whole vehicle, a large number of innovative lightweight technologies are used. Economical use: The power system selects the technical route of direct drive motor and top-mounted drive motor separately. The most economical choice is the top-mounted drive power. The top-mounted motor can operate independently, which effectively reduces the power consumption when waiting for loading and unloading. The braking energy recovery system extends the driving range of the vehicle. Innovative modeling: adopts a new interior and exterior design of the vehicle, with a novel luminous logo, a newly developed 12.3-inch fully electronic LCD instrument and an 8-inch central control display, the vehicle is novel in appearance, beautiful and generous, and has good technology Sense and power.

Power System

Power and environmental protection: dual electric dual drive, zero emission, no pollution, low noise; supplier: the vehicle drive system adopts Fast integrated EV150-6E150 power system (motor manufacturer Lango), product technology is mature, safe and reliable; gearbox : Fast AMT gearbox, easy to operate and comfortable; lightweight: the total weight of the powertrain is 450kg, which is 200-300kg lighter than the traditional fuel vehicle power system; climbing ability: the maximum output torque of the power system is 12660Nm, and the starting ability on slopes ≥ 48.5%, 6% of the ramp through the speed of 37km/h; maximum speed: maximum speed of 88km/h (speed limit); acceleration capacity: 0~81km/h acceleration time 66s;

Power Battery

Battery brand: Ningde era; layout: five-layer (4H01+2C01) high-voltage box on the back is universally arranged under the cockpit, with good waterproof performance; technical indicators: battery combination is externally combined, voltage platform 579.6V, installed power 350kWh , Water-cooled.

Axle Steering System

Axle brand: front axle Hubei Third Ring Road, drive axle Pengxiang axle; the product is mature and reliable; technical indicators: drive axle 2×13T, final reduction ratio 6.33, differential lock between axles and wheels, and reasonable matching with the power system , To meet the requirements of working conditions; tires: standard 11.00R20 tires (optional 12R22.5); suspension brand: Dongfeng suspension, Jiangmen Xingjiang; technical indicators: ① suspension with few leaf springs + air suspension configuration, lower The vehicle’s own weight increases the total mass; ②The steering wheel lateral slip detection control index is 2m/km; the maximum steering angle (inside/outside) is 45°/35°.

Economic Benefit Comparison

Calculated based on 300-day attendance a year, 10 transportations, 200 kilometers transportation business per day.

Traditional diesel vehicles: Fuel costs: fuel consumption 50L/100 kilometers, 200 kilometers 100L diesel, diesel unit price is 6.2 yuan/liter One year fuel cost: 100*6.2*300=186000 yuan; 

Pure electric concrete mixer truck: Electricity fee: Calculated by 350 kWh for 250 kilometers, the electricity fee is 0.5 yuan/kWh; the annual electricity fee is about 21,428 yuan;

The use cost per kilometer of a pure electric mixer is about diesel vehicles: 21428/186000≈11.5%; and the pure electric concrete mixer is not restricted by region, time limit, and enjoys the right of way.


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