Xugong Ruijiang Mixer Truck 8m³-12m³

Xugong Ruijiang Mixer Truck 8m³-12m³
Xugong Ruijiang Mixer Truck 8m³-12m³
  • Chassis: Xugong
  • Top Weight: 31000KG
  • Overall Dimen: 10200x2550x3990
  • Content: Concrete, Cement
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CIMC Ruijiang's series of concrete mixer trucks cover a wide range of products in the mixing industry. The chassis mainly adopts special chassis for concrete mixer trucks such as Hongyan, Nanjing Xugong, Auman, Shaanxi Automobile, China National Heavy Duty Truck, C&C Trucks, Dongfeng Hercules, Jiefang, JAC Gelfa, and Hino, GAC Hino, Mitsubishi, Isuzu and other concrete mixers. The whole vehicle is of high quality, superior performance, reliable operation, and strong power. It is used for supporting various mixing stations and transporting ready-mixed concrete that meets the requirements of homogeneity. It can also be used for shrinkage mixing and vehicle mixing. It is the mixing station for transporting commercial concrete. Ideal equipment.


Comfortable control

In the cab, gears and switches are reasonably arranged, which is convenient and easy to operate; the steering mechanism is easy and convenient; there are throttle controls on both sides of the tail, and the discharge is convenient to operate; the controller in the cab has a fixed buckle to prevent misoperation.

Comfortable driving

 The business class is quiet and stable all year round; the noise in the cab is 4-6dB lower than competing products; the optimization of the chassis suspension, the multi-wheel optimization of the cab suspension and the multi-wheel optimization of the airbag seat improves the driving smoothness of the vehicle.

safe and comfort

The safety performance complies with the European ECE R29 regulations and standards, and the thickness of the local steel plate is up to 4mm; the cage structure, all-steel design; the left and right doors are integrally formed. Equipped with anti-collision beams and reinforced door beams.


Reliable material

Adopt brand-new design structure, high-strength material, guarantee reliability and service life; feed hopper and chute adopt high-strength wear-resistant steel plate; inner lining board adopts multi-strength wear-resistant steel plate design.

Reliable design

Using patented rear bearing technology, the fatigue life of the whole vehicle is longer; flexible connection sub-frame technology, the stability of the whole vehicle is higher.


Technology upgrade

Using the CAE design platform, through finite element analysis and optimization design, the weight of the whole vehicle is realized; by adjusting the gearbox and rear axle parameters, the engine speed is within the economic speed range; the idle speed is reduced, the energy loss is reduced, and the fuel consumption is reduced; subdivision of working conditions Features, an all-round and balanced design for the vehicle's power and fuel economy, and strives for the best operation of the vehicle.


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