XCMG CIMC RJST Mixer Truck 8m³-12m³

XCMG CIMC RJST Mixer Truck 8m³-12m³
  • Chassis: XCMG
  • Top Weight: 31000KG
  • Overall Dimen: 10200x2550x3990
  • Content: Concrete, Cement
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1. Comfortable control

In the cab, gears and switches are reasonably arranged, which is convenient and easy to operate;

2. Comfortable driving

The business class is quiet and stable all year round; the noise in the cab is 4-6dB lower than competing products.

3. Safe and comfort

The safety performance complies with the European ECE R29 regulations and standards.

4. Reliability

Reliable material: Adopt brand-new design structure, high-strength material, guarantee reliability and service life.

Reliable design: Using patented rear bearing technology, the fatigue life of the whole vehicle is longer.

5. Technology upgrade

The idle speed is reduced, the energy loss is reduced, and the fuel consumption is reduced; 


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