CIMC RJST Kaiwo electric mixer truck 8-12m³

CIMC RJST Kaiwo electric mixer truck 8-12m³
  • Chassis: Kaiwo
  • Top Weight: 31000KG
  • Overall Dimen: 10200x2550x3990mm
  • Content: Concrete, Cement
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Advantage Introduction

1. Power and environmental protection: The chassis and top are all driven by pure electric, dual-electric dual-drive, zero emission, no pollution, and low noise. 

2. Product compliance: In the matching design of the whole vehicle, a large number of innovative lightweight technologies are used. 

3. Economical use: The power system selects the technical route of direct drive motor and top-mounted drive motor separately. The most economical choice is the top-mounted drive power. 


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