The Global Lean Summit Forum


  The Global Lean Summit Forum, sponsored by Lean Enterprise of China and co-organized by Development Research Center of Chinese Made of Tongji University and other institutions, was held in Shanghai at the time of 16th June. This forum has invited Professor Guo Chongqing who is from Chinese Academy of Engineering, professor Li jie who is the expert advisor of White House, Doctor Zhao Keqiang, coming from Lean Enterprise as well as other global lean experts and talents so as to discuss and share the latest research, practical experiences and achievements in the field of lean management. Wang Zhujiang, the general manager of CIMC Ruijiang Automobile Co., Ltd, was invited to deliver a keynote address, sharing the lean experiences and introducing the lean practice and achievements of business transformation of CIMC.





Wang’s speech featured in the theme of using the lean management to build a foundation and wining the future with transformation and innovation. The speech is about how to look at entrepreneurship, why join CIMC, how to look at lean, how to look at innovation and transformation as well as how to look made in China. Wang said that CIMC Ruijiang Automobile Co., Ltd has a fond love of lean management since joining CIMC Group and eight years of promoting lean management has witnessed a great reform of the corporation and site management, products quality, production capacity and other aspects have enjoyed a great improvement. He is of the view that lean management is the basis of transformation and innovation. In recent years, faced with economy new normal, manufacturing bottlenecks and market decline of construction vehicles, CIMC Ruijiang has started the “Five Transmation” decisively on the basis of lean shaped internal management. And after that, the corporation has entered a stage of stable development. When referring to the issue of made in China, Wang believes that manufactured in China is in the era of coexisting risks and opportunities. Relying on the strong national industrial base, we should stick to lean management by seizing the strategic opportunities of the initiative of Belt and Road, industrial upgrading and popular innovation so as to achieve the Chinese dream of a powerful manufacturing country.

Wang's speech received a enthusiastic response of participating experts and entrepreneur and enjoyed a warm applause.