Aluminum alloy fuel tank transport semi-trailer (methanol) 30-50m³

Aluminum alloy fuel tank transport semi-trailer (methanol) 30-50m³
  • Volume: 24~44
  • Top Weight: 6000KG
  • Overall Dimen: 12330*2550*3900
  • Content: Diesel, Gasoline, Heavy oil, Coal tar
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The product fully meets the latest requirements of GB18564.1-2019, which is mainly reflected in the circular cross-section tank with thicker wall thickness and correct selection of safety accessories.

Security advantage

The tank body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy with a wall thickness of 7.3mm to ensure the safety of the tank body.

Reduce risk

100% radiographic inspection of tank welds ensures that all welds are penetrated and the risk of contents leakage is avoided.

Demand guarantee

Although a circular cross-section tank is used in accordance with regulations, the lower center of gravity of the vehicle is also guaranteed with the use of a three-section variable cross-section cylinder.

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