14m³ Concrete Mixer Semi-Trailer

14m³ Concrete Mixer Semi-Trailer
14m³ Concrete Mixer Semi-Trailer
  • Chassis: Hongyan
  • Top Weight: 31000
  • Overall Dimen: 11330*2550*3990
  • Content: Concrete, Cement
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General Introduction

    ◆Concrete mixing and transportation semi-trailer adopts straight beam structure, which makes driving and turning safer.      

    ◆The length of the whole vehicle and the total length of the connected trailer are at least 1 meter shorter than those of other manufacturers.

    ◆The tank body is driven by the main vehicle of the tractor. The main vehicle engine has reliable performance and low failure rate, which ensures the overall vehicle attendance rate. Compared with independent engine, the power take-off fuel consumption is lower.

    ◆Integrated and lightweight design, the weight of the vehicle is at least 1 ton lower than that of other manufacturers.

    ◆Intelligent manufacturing, automated production of frame and cylinder.

    ◆The first powder spraying process, the coating life is more than 7 years.

The Process Details

The Economic benefit       

Under the condition of not overloading, the actual maximum loading capacity of the four-bridge rigid mixer truck is 8 cubic meters;The actual maximum loading capacity of the semi-trailer mixer is 13 cubic meters.That means, the semi-trailer mixer can pull 5 cubic meters of concrete per trip more than the rigid mixer truck!


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